About ABT•TRAC and Arcturus Marine Systems


About ABT•TRAC and Arcturus Marine Systems

Company History

Arcturus Marine Systems was established in 1987 as a premium marine thruster manufacturer to the yacht and commercial marine industry.

In 1989 it was established as a full service hydraulic system manufacturer supplying supporting hydraulic systems for thrusters and integrated hydraulics for various vessel hydraulic loads. The Magnum Bow Thruster was introduced and quickly established itself as a hard pushing quieter alternative to competitors noisy bow thrusters.

During 1993 we became known as American Bow Thruster (ABT) and created a strong customer product identity as ABT. The TRAC dual propeller counter-rotating thruster was introduced to provide higher thrust efficiency, increased power levels to 200HP along with greater application flexibility facilitating Hydraulic, AC and DC Motor Drives.

In 1999 TRAC Digital marine stabilizers were introduced and immediately displaced other stabilizer brands where ABT•TRAC had a loyal following.

By 2001 large volume builders like Nordhavn and Kadey Krogen converted their entire product line to TRAC Digital Stabilizers.

2004 was the year that ABT-TRAC Boat Stabilizers entrenches itself in the yacht market as an exceptionally performing product. Companies like Hatteras, Sunseeker, Ferretti, Horizon, Lazzara, Offshore, Northern Marine and many others appreciated the high manufacturing quality of TRAC products, and the high quality features like: oversized load bearing components, low maintenance double sealed shaft housings, and the unique inboard hull flange mounting systems. More and more companies began switching to TRAC from other brands to provide the best possible product and service to their customers.

TRACSTAR (Stabilization at Rest) was introduced in 2005 and has quickly established itself as an extremely effective and competitive solution for reducing vessel roll while anchored, on a mooring, or while drifting. TRACSTAR has become a source of huge growth for ABT•TRAC as more and more boat manufacturers worldwide have adopted TRACSTAR as OEM.

2006 was the year inTRAC was brought to the market. Using the proven high speed interceptor concept TRAC made a product that could stand up to rigorous use and dovetail well with TRAC Integrated Hydraulic Systems.

In 2007 TRAC ramped up development and production of it's STAR Electric Power Unit. A fully self contained hydraulic power unit assembly to support TRACSTAR as well as a wide range of vessel hydraulic loads all from a clean looking, pre-tested, builder friendly assembly.

Special divisions of Arcturus Marine Systems

World wide service support division is our fastest growing division due to the increasing demand for TRAC, TRACSTAR and TRAC hydraulic products worldwide. Other divisions include: engineering division, hydraulics division, composite fin manufacturing division, machining division. Using its 20 years of composite manufacturing experience Arcturus Marine Systems entered the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) market manufacturing composite frames for US defense projects.


ABT•TRAC Calendar

  Calendar 2014


Thrusters, Stabilizers, and Hydraulics will be covered in this 2 day course.

Free to Owners, Captains, and Engineers

Email: Eric Folkestad to register

23rd - 24th April / 2014
ABT-TRAC Training Center, Rohnert Park, CA


13th Feb -17th Feb / 2014

Booth # YP 67


4th Mar - 8th Mar / 2014

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20th Mar - 23rd Mar / 2014

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10th Apr - 13th Apr / 2014

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9th Sept - 14th Sept / 2014

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24th Sept - 27th Sept / 2014

Port Hercule, Monaco

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Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

30th Oct - 3rd Nov / 2014
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Details Coming Soon!


Marine Equipment Trade Show

11th Nov - 13th Nov / 2014

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We Are on the Best Yachts
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ABT•TRAC's fin stabilizers, thrusters, and hydraulic systems are installed on the top yachts built by the worlds most prestigous manufacturers. Our state of the art products are built for heavy-duty service and reliability.

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